How long are the CS1 and CS2 universal tags, barcodes and adapters for 454 and Illumina sequencers?

  • The universal tags CS1 and CS2 are each 22 bases in length.
  • The Fluidigm proprietary set of 384 barcode sequences are 10 bases in length each.
  • PE1 and PE2 Illumina® adapters are 25 and 24 bases in length, respectively.
  • P1 and A Ion Torrent™ adapters are 23 and 30 bases in length, respectively.
  • 454Ti-A and 454Ti-B Roche® adapters are 25 bases in length each.

After Access Array amplification, the total full length of the amplicons should be the target sequence plus:

  • 114 bases for 454™ library prep
  • 107 bases for Ion Torrent library prep
  • 103 bases for Illumina library prep

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.