My extracted RNA yield is lower than expected. What could be causing that?

Lower RNA yield could be caused by:

  • Loss of tissue sample during the hexadecane and/or 100% ethanol removal steps of the Advanta™ FFPE RNA Extraction Kit Protocol. While it is recommended to remove all the liquid in the tube, the pellet should not be disturbed. The pellet can be hard to see or might be loose. Pipette from the top of the liquid surface down to remove the supernatant and never allow the pipette tip to touch the inner surface of the tube where the pellet is. If the pellet is loose, try centrifuging again and be very careful not to agitate the tube while removing it from the centrifuge. If the pellet is still loose, it might be necessary to leave some liquid behind to avoid removing material.
  • The type of magnetic stand used. Use of magnetic stands that pellet beads at the bottom rather than the side of the tube is more likely to cause loss of sample when the supernatant is pipetted out. Use the recommended brand and type of magnetic stand.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.