Which stains are compatible with the C1?

Although our standard protocols list only the LIVE/DEAD® Cell Viability Assay as a method to stain cells, several other dyes are compatible with the C1 system. These dyes include:

  • DAPI
  • Calcein AM
  • CellTracker™ Green and Orange
  • Hoechst Ethidium homodimer-1
  • Cy5®


Some stains are known to absorb into PDMS when used as a free molecule. We recommend avoiding these dyes for staining on the C1 system:

  • Hydrophobic dyes
  • FITC (fluorescein isothiocyanate)
  • APC (allophycocyanin)
  • Free rhodamine and TRITC

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.