What Fluidigm instruments are required for SNP genotyping?

An IFC Controller, thermal cycler and fluorescence reader are required for Fluidigm SNP genotyping.

The type of IFC Controller that is needed depends on the genotyping IFC format:

IFC Controller IFC Format
MX 48.48 GT
HX 96.96 GT and Flex Six
RX 192.24 GT
WX FR48.48

Thermal cycling can be performed using the stand-alone Fluidigm FC1 cycler or the Biomark or Biomark HD system. For low concentrations of DNA, use the Juno system and the Juno 96.96 Genotyping IFC. The Juno system integrates the IFC Controller with the thermal cycler.

Fluorescence imaging can be performed using a Fluidigm EP1 reader or the Biomark or Biomark HD system.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.