What is the shelf life for IFCs and Control Line Fluid?

In March 2019, Fluidigm began adding use-by dates (expiration dates) to the labeling of product packaging for new batches of IFCs and Control Line Fluid. The assigned use-by date for each product is based on the results of real-time stability studies and is relative to the date of batch manufacture. Most products are stable for two years from the data of manufacture.

For IFCs and Control Line Fluid, a label that contains the use-by date is on the outer box. For IFCs, the same label appears on the moisture barrier pouch. The use-by date is identified by the hourglass, an internationally recognized symbol accepted by regulatory standards. The format is YYYY-MM, where YYYY = year and MM = month. Product is good through the last day of the month cited.

Product batches with labels that do not contain a use-by date contain a date code, which indicates the manufacture date. Contact your field application specialist (FAS) or tech support to determine the expiration date based on the date code.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.