Can the IFCs be centrifuged to get rid of bubbles?

Do not centrifuge an IFC, as centrifugation might damage the IFC. To avoid introducing bubbles:

  • Before adding sample and assay mixes to the inlets, check for bubbles in the source plates (such as any plate that is not an IFC). If there are bubbles in the wells, centrifuge the plate (but not the IFC) at a high speed for 30−60 seconds.
  • When pipetting from a source plate to an IFC, confirm that there are no air gaps in pipette tips after aspiration.
  • Pipet slowly, and only depress the pipette to the first stop to avoid introducing bubbles.
  • After filling the sample and assay inlets, gently tap the IFC on a bench top to ensure that the sample and assay mixes cover the bottom of the inlets.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.