What are the new protocols for mass cytometry that I have been hearing about?

Fluidigm has released updated protocols for all cell staining and fixation procedures. The most important update is the use of freshly prepared formaldehyde fixative each day that cells are stained. The updated protocols can be found here.

Fluidigm has also released a new protocol for sample acquisition on Helios™ systems. This protocol uses a high-ionic-strength running solution called Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution (CAS; Cat. No. 201237). Use of CAS combined with the new cell staining protocols has been shown in some cases to improve signal intensities and coefficients of variation (CVs) for metal isotope-labeled cell signals. When CAS is used for sample acquisition, a newly designed injector (WB Injector, Cat. No. 107950) must be used to reduce deposit buildup. Contact Fluidigm Technical Support or your field applications scientist for more information.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.