How is this new cell staining protocol different from previous Fluidigm protocols, and what makes it better?

The biggest change is that the updated protocols all call for use of freshly prepared 1.6% formaldehyde solution. Fluidigm recommends using ampules of Pierce™ 16% (w/v) Formaldehyde, Methanol-free (Thermo Scientific™ Cat. No. 28906, 10 x 1 mL). Other sources of fixative are available. Please contact your field applications scientist for more information. Optimal staining and cell integrity is only obtained using fixative prepared from a new ampule daily.

If your Helios™ operator is implementing the WB Injector (Cat. No. 107950) with Maxpar Cell Acquisition Solution (CAS; Cat. No. 201237) protocol for sample acquisition, then a wash step with Maxpar PBS (Cat. No. S00125) followed by resuspension in CAS is used in the final steps of the protocol instead of washing and resuspending in Maxpar Water. Talk to your Helios operator about the sample preparation and acquisition protocol to be used.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.