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Biomark X

The new benchmark in genomics

Biomark™ X and a portfolio of integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) and reagent kits facilitate a broad range of applications and throughput needs using real-time PCR. The versatility of the platform allows for both standard assays such as the Advanta™ Sample ID Genotyping Panel and custom assays produced using D3™ design services. Additional assays and sample-to-answer solutions are also available through a Developers Program that delivers customized assay design, panel design and automated solutions.

Large image of Fluidigm's Biomark X instrument


Integrated fluidic circuits form the backbone of the Biomark X system, supporting different configurations of samples and assays for multiple applications. Each Dynamic Array™ IFC is precision-manufactured to exacting standards of performance and reliability. Our revolutionary IFCs empower genomics studies by automating molecular biology in nanoliter reaction volumes. These reduced volumes mean using less of your precious samples and assay reagents, lowering costs while achieving the high-quality, consistent results your work depends on.


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Part number



Depth: 64.2 cm (25.2 in) Width: 26 cm (10.2 in) Height: 53.5 cm (21.1 in)


38 kg (84 lb)

Thermal control

Peltier-based, 4–99 ºC

Heating ramp rate

Up to 5.5 ºC/sec

Cooling ramp rate

Up to 5.5 ºC/sec


CMOS camera; 20M pixel

Fluorescence excitation

485 nm, 530 nm, 580 nm

Fluorescence emission

525 nm, 570 nm, 630 nm

Power requirements

100–240 VAC, 8.0 A Fluidigm provides a region-specific power cord for the Biomark™ X system.

Computer requirements for analysis software (Computer not provided)


4 GB

Operating system

Microsoft® Windows® 10


200 MB of free space


USB port or Ethernet

Work environment (Indoor use only)  


15–30 ºC (59–86 ºF)


20%–80% relative humidity, non-condensing


Not to exceed 2,000 m (6,560 ft) above sea level

Supported IFCs 

Supported IFCs

48.48 Dynamic Array™ IFC-X—Real-Time PCR 96.96 Dynamic Array IFC for Gene Expression 96.96 Dynamic Array IFC for Genotyping

Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all Fluidigm products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. For more information see