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  • Congratulations to Mathieu Lajoie at the Goodman Cancer Institute, McGill University, whose spatial graph image is on the April 2022 Science Immunology cover!
    Mathieu is an author on the recent paper, Spatially mapping the immune landscape of melanoma using Imaging Mass Cytometry, in which the team used IMC to characterize the immune microenvironment of melanoma patient samples, allowing for the identification of prognostic biomarkers for immunotherapy.
  • ImaBiotech will present a new "Immune Signature Panel" as part of its Imaging Mass Cytometry Services at the AACR22 meeting in New Orleans. Read the news!

  • Here’s a great read about the IMMUcan project and how researchers are working toward highly personalized tumor profiling for cancer patients. Daniel Schulz, PhD, and the project team use IMC to generate images from small tissue sections and have developed an approach to zoom in on select regions that capture the immune cell heterogeneity.

  • In early February, the winners of the 2022 Terry Fox New Investigator Award were announced. One of the winners is Hartland Jackson, PhD, an investigator at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute at Sinai Health. With this grant, Jackson’s team will use IMC, digital pathology and systems biology to better understand how the Hippo pathway controls immune response to cancer.

  • Researchers from the King’s College London Schools of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Immunology and Microbial Sciences and the Cancer Systems Biology laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute, led by Francesca Ciccarelli, PhD, have developed a new software for the analysis of data from multiplexed imaging technologies such as IMC. “When we started to work with high-dimensional IMC data a couple of years ago, there were not many tools for their analysis,” Ciccarelli says. “It has been a lot of fun to develop our own tool thanks to the talent of Michele Bortolomeazzi, a PhD student” funded by the Cancer Research UK King's Health Partners Centre.

  • A team at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is turning to IMC to assist in its search for acute liver failure biomarkers in children. Johanna Ascher Bartlett, MD, a pediatric gastroenterology fellow, received a Broad Clinical Research Fellowship Award from USC to support her study. The team is examining 25 different immune cell markers in an effort to identify a predictive pattern that could indicate patient outcome and potentially save children from undergoing transplants and immunosuppression.