Unprecedented insight into biological systems with the world’s only mass cytometer


Power to Proteomics

A breakthrough in cell analysis, the CyTOF® 2 Mass Cytometer brings the capability for simultaneous detection of many proteins to single-cell biology and boosts understanding of both cell type and function at the single-cell level. Using stable metal isotopes and time-of-flight mass cytometry, the CyTOF 2 provides more than 120 detection channels to dramatically advance your understanding of the fundamental unit of life.


Gain unprecedented insight into your biological system with over 100 detection channels


Profile each cell phenotypically and functionally, including distinction of normal and diseased states


Incorporate mass cytometry, Maxpar® reagents, assay design and cloud-based analysis



The world's only mass cytometry system, CyTOF 2 combines the advantages of high-speed single-cell analysis with the ability to resolve more than 120 metal probes, with minimal signal overlap. When used with Maxpar reagents, more than 36 proteins can be analyzed simultaneously in a single tube. It’s the opportunity to study the functional complexity of biological systems at the single-cell level, all with one instrument.


  1. Stain
  2. Inject
  3. Analyze


Stain cells according to targets of interest with metal-conjugated probes.


Inject prepared cells into CyTOF 2, which releases and ionizes the probes in individual cells, separates them by mass and counts the number bound to each cell.


View and analyze high-dimensional data sets through a convenient cloud-based platform, Fluidigm Cytobank.


IFCs, Assays and Reagents


Analyze a variety of proteins in cell populations with our ready-to-use antibodies. Select your own markers or choose from our premade panel kits and combine them with additional Maxpar antibodies to create a study-specific panel. Created specifically for use with CyTOF systems.

Metal-Conjugated Antibodies

Achieve reliable functional and phenotypic profiling of cell samples with antibodies sourced from the best vendors and validated for functionality and compatibility.

Panel Kits

Analyze a variety of proteins in cell populations with our exclusive, ready-to-use kits containing up to 17 metal-conjugated antibodies.

Metal Labeling Kit

Conjugate metals to antibodies or intracellular proteins in as little as two and a half hours with our Maxpar labeling kits, optimized for use with CyTOF instruments.

Sample Prep Buffers

Optimize your mass cytometry staining with our sample prep buffers, which can be used in surface, intracellular and DNA staining protocols.

Cell-ID Cell Labeling Reagent

Determine live versus dead cells using the Cell-ID™ two cell-staining reagents, Intercalator-Ir and Intercalator-103Rh, to reliably characterize your sample.

  1. Antibodies
  2. Metal-Conjugated Antibodies
  3. Panel Kits
  4. Metal Labeling Kit
  5. Sample Prep Buffers
  6. Cell-ID Cell Labeling Reagent


Fluidigm Cytobank Analysis

Cloud-based data analysis platform provides complete control over your experiment and analysis approach, as well as the ability to share your data with colleagues and collaborators using histograms, bivariate plots, SPADE clustering and special heat maps optimized to facilitate analysis of high-dimensional CyTOF data sets. Created for use with CyTOF systems.

  1. Fluidigm Cytobank Analysis


CyTOF 2 System

Height 52 in (132 cm)
Width 38 in (97 cm)
Depth 31 in (79 cm)
Weight 628 lb (285 kg)
Channels 121
Mass range 89–209 amu
Abundance sensitivity 0.3% for 159Tb
Instrument response 400,000 counts/pg 159Tb
Detection limit 500 antibodies/cell
Dynamic range 4.5 orders of magnitude
Calibration Automatic
Operating system Windows® 7 Pro 64-bit
Data storage 720GB RAID (mirrored)
Connections 4 USB ports
Sample introduction Dual loop, syringe
Peak throughput 1,000 (events/sec)
Flow rate 45 (µL/min)
Replicate sample CV (normalized) <3%


Height 25 in (64 cm)
Width 15 in (38cm)
Depth 27 in (69 cm)
Weight 178 lb (81 kg)


Height 18 in (46 cm)
Width 8 in (20 cm)
Depth 23 in (58 cm)
Weight 77 lb (35 kg)
Operating system Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
CPU Intel® Core™ i7 3930K
RAM 8GB 2,400 MHz DDR3
Hard drives 1.44TB (6X 240GB SSD Corsair® Force Series™ GS SATA3) in RAID 10 config
Data storage 720GB RAID (mirrored)
Video NVIDIA® NVS™ 310 x16 512MB
Power supply 650 W Antec TruePower
Serial adapter board 8 Port Native PCI Express RS232
Monitor ViewSonic® 24 in LED
Keyboard/mouse Logitech® MK120 Wired
DVD/Blu-ray LG® SATA
Motherboard ASUS® P9X79 WS PRO
Enclosure Antec Titan 650

Data File Size

imd 0.3MB/sec/channel
fcs 12.4 bytes/event/channel
txt 2.4 bytes/event/channel