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Harness the flexibility of your C1™ system to customize single-cell applications or create novel ones. The C1 Open App™ reagent kit includes everything you need to develop and deploy custom single-cell assays on the C1 system.

What's New

ATAC-Seq for Epigenetic Analysis

Read about the 2015 Nature paper documenting the Will Greenleaf lab’s single cell ATAC-seq assay for identifying open chromatin regions at single-bp resolution. Download the ATAC seq protocol from Script Hub™ for use on any C1.


Single-Cell Breakthroughs

Leading life science researchers are developing single-cell applications to accelerate biological discovery. Learn more about new C1 applications available in Script Hub.

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Script Hub

Script Hub is the central repository for single-cell scripts such as ATAC-seq for epigenetic analysis. Visit Script Hub to view the complete library sourced from Fluidigm and our life sciences community.