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Data reproducibility is key to differential gene expression studies. The adaptable Biomark™ system supports as few as 36 datapoints and as many as 9,216 on a single Dynamic Array™ IFC. Combining microfluidics technology with optimized reagents produces more results in less time. Fluidigm Reverse Transcription Master Mix, Preamp Master Mix and Delta Gene™ reagent kits handle a variety of samples, affordably and without sacrificing quality.

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Gene Expression in Germ Cells, Single Cells and Colonies

Learn about using real-time qPCR on Biomark to compare gene expression patterns in individual stem cells. In this recent Stem Cells International paper, researchers concluded that expression of pluripotent or germ cell gene subsets was significantly different in human adult germ stem cells compared to human embryonic stem cells and fibroblasts. Single-cell gene expression demonstrates the power of correlative transcriptomics.


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Delta Gene

Pair Delta Gene assays and reagents with EvaGreen® dye for an economical alternative to probe-based detection. EvaGreen® binds to double-stranded DNA, resulting in fluorescein-like fluorescence excitation and emission spectra. EvaGreen® also minimizes PCR inhibition compared to SYBR® Green and other nucleic acid stains.


Probe-based assays use primers to detect sequence-specific single-cell cDNA probes. The method enhances qPCR through dual-labeled hydrolysis probes and PCR primers. Specific target detection requires binding three independent oligonucleotides, which reduces fluorescence from nonspecific sources. Our chemistries work seamlessly with your existing TaqMan® assay library to support both standard and fast protocols.