Advanta™ CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay with Preamp—LP 192.24, 10 IFCs

This kit enables the preparation of NGS-ready libraries from 27 exons and select intronic regions of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene for subsequent sequencing analysis. The kit includes sufficient targeted DNA sequencing library reagents, CFTR NGS Assay Pools, IFCs, and Control Line Fluid to generate 1,920 libraries. The kit also includes sufficient reagents and primers for target enrichment of DNA from samples with lower yield or DNA quality.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 tube of TSP Sample Loading Reagent v2, 600 µL
  • 1 tube of TSP Adapter Mix, 120 µL
  • 2 tubes of PCR Water, 1.8 mL
  • 1 bottle of DNA Dilution Reagent, 3.0 mL
  • 1 bottle of TSP Harvest Reagent, 10 mL
  • 1 tube of TSP Assay Loading Reagent, 75 µL
  • 5 tubes of 4X TSP Master Mix, 1.3 mL/tube
  • 10 tubes of TSP DNA Polymerase, 50 µL/tube
  • 3 sets of Advanta™ CFTR NGS Assay Pools, 8 tubes per set, 10 µL/tube
  • 10 IFCs, LP 192.24
  • 20 syringes of LP Control Line Fluid (150 µL/syringe)


  • 2 units, Advanta NGS Preamp Reagent Kit—960 Rxn
  • 2 units, Advanta CFTR NGS Preamp Pool—960 Rxn (10 tubes/unit, 60 µL/tube)

Product insert available.


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