Better DNA analysis begins with the best reagents

Enhance your productivity with reagents designed to maximize the power of Juno™Biomark™ and EP1™ systems and reduce costs. The Juno workflow includes preamplification prior to genotyping, for an integrated process with minimal hands-on time. Use SNP Type™ or your existing TaqMan® assays with optimized reagents on all Fluidigm platforms.

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Juno's Kudos

In its annual lineup of innovative products Time magazine named Juno one of the 25 best of the year. Its modern industrial design and intuitive user interface make it a true game-changer for life sciences. Juno-automated NGS library prep reduces costs by 60 percent, shrinks hands-on time by half and doubles sample throughput. Learn what Juno can do for you.


Easy Genotyping for Tough Samples

Collecting sufficient amounts of usable DNA is challenging, yet it remains the essential raw material for pharmacogenomics, agricultural genomics and clinical and translational research. Juno genotypes trace amounts of DNA with no workarounds required.

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SNP Type Genotyping

SNP Type assays consist of unlabeled allele-specific primers and universal probes, making them an affordable alternative to probe-based genotyping assays. Lower price points make it possible to design and test for multiple markers and empirically choose the best. Select optimal assays designed for a variety of species using your supplied sequences. Optimized SNP Type preamplification protocols boost results from poor-quality, low-concentration or precious samples.

TaqMan Genotyping

TaqMan probe-based SNP genotyping relies on dual-labeled probes and PCR primers. Each assay shares a pair of primers flanking the SNP and two or more allele-specific cleavage probes. Proximity suppresses fluorescent signaling until the probe specifically binds to the target. During PCR nuclease activity degrades the probe, resulting in increased brightness. Our reagents support TaqMan assays run on Biomark, EP1 and Juno platforms.