Maxpar® Mouse Sp/LN Phenotyping Panel Kit, 16 Marker—25 Tests

The Maxpar Mouse Spleen/Lymph Node Phenotyping Panel Kit is designed for use with fresh or frozen isolated mouse splenocytes and thymocytes. The kit contains all the reagents needed to run a CyTOF® experiment, including buffers optimized for staining and a nucleic acid intercalator used for single-cell identification. The 16 antibodies in the kit allow for the identification of all major mouse spleen/lymph cellular subsets, including effector CD4+ T, effector memory CD4+ T, central memory CD4+ T, activated CD4+ T, effector CD8+ T, effector memory CD8+ T, central memory CD8+ T, Tregs, plasmacytoid DC, myeloid DC, erythrocytes, macrophages, monocytes, NK cells, and granulocytes.




Ly6G/C [Gr1] RB6-8C5 141Pr
CD11c N418 142Nd
CD69 H1.2F3 145Nd
CD45 30-F11 147Sm
CD11b [MAC1] M1/70 148Nd
CD19 6D5 149Sm
CD25 3C7 151Eu
CD3e 145-2C11 152Sm
TER-119 TER119 154Sm
CD62L MEL-14 160Gd
CD8a 53-6.7 168Er
TCRβ H57-597 169Tm
NK1.1 PK136 170Er
CD44 IM7 171Yb
CD4 RM4-5 172Yb
B220 RA3-6B2 176Yb
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    25 Tests
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