Maxpar® Human T-Cell Phenotyping EX Panel Kit, 10 Marker—25 Tests

The Maxpar Human T Cell Expansion Kit is designed for use with fresh or frozen human whole blood or PBMCs in combination with the Human T Cell Phenotyping Panel Kit. The kit contains all the reagents needed to run a CyTOF® experiment, including buffers optimized for staining and a nucleic acid intercalator used for single-cell identification. When combined with the 16 antibodies in the Human T Cell Kit, the 10 antibodies in the Human T Cell Expansion Kit allow for comprehensive identification of all major T cell subsets, including naïve, central memory, effector, and effector memory CD4+ and CD8+ cells, naïve and memory Tregs, and Th1 and Th2 cells, and for the classification of the activation and homing status of these subtypes.




CD2 TS1/8 151Eu
CD5 UCHT2 143Nd
CD7 CD7-6B7 147Sm
CD9 SN4 C3-3A2 171Yb
CD28 CD28.2 160Gd
CD49d 9F10 141Pr
CD161 HP-3G10 164Dy
CCR4 L291H4 158Gd
CCR5 NP-6G4 144Nd
CXCR3 G025H7 156Gd
  • Species:
  • Quantity:
    25 Tests
  • Markers:


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