Maxpar® Human Intracellular Cytokine I Panel Kit, 11 Marker—25 Tests

The Maxpar Human Intracellular Cytokine Panel Kit is designed for use with fresh or frozen human whole blood, PBMCs, or cell lines. The kit contains all the reagents needed for CyTOF® measurement of 11 major cytokines as well as cytolytic proteins, granzyme B, and perforin. This panel kit is compatible with the Maxpar Human Peripheral Blood Phenotyping Panel Kit to allow for the comprehensive immunophenotyping of cytokine-expressing cells.




IFNy B27 168Er
IL-2 MQ1-17H12 158Gd
IL-4 MP4-25D2 144Nd
IL-5 TRFK5 143Nd
IL-6 MQ2-13A5 156Gd
IL-17A N49-653 164Dy
IL-17F SHLR17 166Er
Granzyme B GB11 171Yb
Perforin B-D48 175Lu
MP1beta D21-1351 150Nd
TNFalpha Mab11 152Sm
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  • Quantity:
    25 Tests
  • Markers:


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