Maxpar Complete Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology Panel Set—25 Tests

This panel set contains one each of the Maxpar® Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology Expansion Panel Kit, Maxpar Human T Cell Phenotyping Panel Kit and Maxpar Human T Cell Phenotyping Expansion Panel Kit. It enables mapping of the expression patterns of the eight included checkpoint and activation markers on all major T cell subsets, including naïve, central memory, effector and effector memory CD4+ and CD8+ cells; naïve and memory Tregs; and Th1 and Th2 cells. The combined panel also enables the classification of the activation and homing status of these T cell subsets. The panel set contains all the reagents needed to run a CyTOF® experiment, including buffers optimized for staining and a nucleic acid intercalator used for single-cell identification.




CD11a HI111 142Nd
CD4 RPA-T4 145Nd
CD8a RPA-T8 146Nd
CD16 3G8 148Nd
CD25 2A3 149Sm
CD45 HI30 154Sm
CCR7 G043H7 159Tb
CD69 FN50 162Dy
CD45RO UCHL1 165Ho
CD44 BJ18 166Er
CD27 O323 167Er
CD45RA HI100 169Tm
CD3 UCHT1 170Er
CD57 HCD57 172Yb
HLA-DR L243 174Yb
CD127 A019D5 176Yb
CD134 [OX40] ACT35 150Nd
CD95 [Fas] DX2 152Sm
CD366 [Tim-3] F38-2E2 153Eu
CD279 [PD-1] EH12.2H7 155Gd
CD152 [CTLA-4] 14D3 161Dy
CD278 [ICOS] C398.4A 168Er
CD137 [4-1BB] 4B4-1 173Yb
CD223 [LAG3] 11C3C65 175Lu
CD2 TS1/8 151Eu
CD5 UCHT2 143Nd
CD7 CD7-6B7 147Sm
CD9 SN4 C3-3A2 171Yb
CD28 CD28.2 160Gd
CD49d 9F10 141Pr
CD161 HP-3G10 164Dy
CCR4 L291H4 158Gd
CCR5 NP-6G4 144Nd
CXCR3 G025H7 156Gd
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    25 Tests
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