Anti-Human NFAT1 (D43B1)-143Nd—50 Tests

NFAT1, also known as NFATC2 (nuclear factor of activated T-cells, cytoplasmic, calcineurin-dependent 2), belongs to the NFAT family of transcription factors that are located in the cytoplasm in their inactive state. All members of this family have a Rel homology domain and regulate gene transcription in concert with AP-1 (Jun/Fos) to orchestrate an effective immune response. NFAT proteins are predominantly expressed in cells of the immune system, but are also expressed in skeletal muscle, keratinocytes, and adipocytes, regulating cell differentiation programs in these cells. NFAT mediates the transcriptional induction of cytokines and other immune-regulatory genes during immune responses.

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    50 Tests


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