Anti-Human CD42b (HIP1)-144Nd—100 Tests

The HIP1 monoclonal antibody binds specifically to CD42b, a 145 kDa glycoprotein also known as GPIbα, which is encoded by the GP1BA gene. CD42b can be disulfide-bonded to CD42c to form a 170 kDa heterodimer, GPIb. GPIb then forms a noncovalent complex with CD42a and CD42d, leading to the formation of the CD42 complex. The CD42 complex is expressed on platelets and megakaryocytes. The CD42 complex is involved in the adhesion of platelets to the subendothelium of damaged vascular walls as the von Willebrand factor surface receptor. HIP1 has also been reported to partially inhibit collagen-induced aggregation.

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    100 Tests


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