Anti-Human CD326/EpCAM (9C4)-144Nd—25 µg

CD326, also known as epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM), tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 1 (TACSTD1), epithelial cell surface antigen, epithelial glycoprotein-2 (EGP-2), adenocarcinoma-associated antigen, and TROP1, is a type I transmembrane protein. CD326 functions as a homotypic calcium-independent cell adhesion molecule and is believed to be involved in carcinogenesis by inducing genes involved in cellular metabolism and proliferation. It is highly expressed in bone marrow, colon, lung, and most epithelial cells and on carcinomas of gastrointestinal origin.

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  • Target:
    CD326 (EpCAM)
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  • Sample Type:
    Frozen (FF), FFPE