Anti-Human T-bet/TBX21 (D6N8B)-145Nd—25 µg

T-bet (Tbx-21) is a transcription factor bearing a T-box DNA-binding domain, and is considered a master-regulator of the Th1 CD4+ T cell subset. T-bet was initially described as a potent transactivator that can promote IFNγ production by initiating Th1 lineage development from naïve CD4+ T cells. T-bet specifies Th1 cell fate by initiating chromatin/histone remodeling of the IFNγ gene and by inducing IL-12 receptor β2 expression. T-bet also promotes the Th1 phenotype by actively suppressing Th2 differentiation by interfering with GATA-3 binding to its target DNA. In addition to T cells, T-bet is also expressed in B cells where it plays a role in class-switch recombination. The D6N8B monoclonal antibody recognizes endogenous levels of total T-bet protein.

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