Anti-Human CD163 (EDHu-1)-147Sm—25 µg

CD163, also known as M130, Ber-Mac3, Ki-M8 or SM4, is a 130–140 kDa glycoprotein belonging to the group B scavenger receptor cysteine-rich superfamily. CD163 is restricted in its expression to the monocytic/macrophage lineage. It is present on all circulating monocytes and most tissue macrophages except those found in the mantle zone and germinal centers of lymphoid follicles, interdigitating reticulum cells and Langerhans cells. CD163 binds to haptoglobin-hemoglobin complex and TWEAK and plays a role in clearing hemoglobin and regulating cytokine production by macrophages.

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    Frozen (FF), FFPE


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