Anti-Human IL-22 (22URTI)-150Nd—100 Tests

IL-22 is a 20 kDa member of the IL-10 cytokine family that is exclusively expressed by subsets of lymphocytes. IL-22 plays a regulatory role in epithelial homeostasis in the liver, gut, and lung. IL-22 is expressed by innate lymphoid cells (ILC) including NK, NKT, and γδ T cells, in addition to Th17-polarized CD4+ T cells. A heterodimer of IL-10R2 and IL-22R1 serves as the receptor for IL-22. IL-22 signaling through the JAK-STAT pathway and STAT1, 3, and 4 transcription factors exerts both proinflammatory and tissue protective functions.

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    100 Tests


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