Anti-pStat1 [Y701] (58D6)-153Eu—50 Tests

STAT1 is a transcription factor involved in the response to multiple cytokines including IFNa, IFNg, IL-6, LIF, EGF, PDGF, and others. Cytokine receptor engagement allows recruitment of STAT1 to members of the JAK family, which activate it by phosphorylation at Tyr701. Activated STAT1 can form homodimers or heterodimers with other STAT proteins, translocate to the nucleus, and bind DNA to facilitate gene transcription. A second phosphorylation event at Ser727 of STAT1 by the MAPK pathway may be required for maximal transcriptional activity.

  • Species:
  • Clone:
  • Target:
    pStat1 [Y701]
  • Tag:
  • Quantity:
    50 Tests


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