Anti-Human CD1b (SN13)-155Gd—100 Tests

The monoclonal antibody SN13 binds specifically to CD1b, a 43 kDa type I membrane glycoprotein expressed in association with β2-microglobulin. CD1b is expressed moderately on cortical thymocytes, Langerhans cells, and interdigitating cells. CD1b is a member of the CD1 family of molecules in the immunoglobulin superfamily. CD1 molecules fall into two groups. Group 1 includes CD1a, CD1b, and CD1c molecules. Group 2 includes CD1d molecules and their homologs. There is evidence that CD1b reacts with pyramidal cells in the brain and that CD1b may participate in the non-canonical antigen presentation pathway.

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    100 Tests


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