Anti-pSLP-76 [Y128] (J141-668.36.58)-156Gd 50 Tests

SLP-76 , also known as SH2 domain-containing leukocyte protein of 76 kDa, is a tyrosine phosphoprotein that is involved in the T cell receptor (TCR)-mediated intracellular signaling pathway. It may be involved in the signaling pathways of other peripheral blood leukocytes, thymic/splenic cells, and human T, B, and monocytic cell lines. Tyrosine 128 (Y128) phosphorylation is known to bring Vav1 and the Nck adapter protein into an activation complex downstream of the TCR. The J141-688.36.58 monoclonal antibody recognizes the phosphorylated Y128 of activated SLP-76.

  • Species:
  • Clone:
  • Target:
    pSLP-76 [Y128]
  • Tag:
  • Quantity:
    50 Tests


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