Anti-Human CD85j (GHI/75)-156Gd—100 Tests

CD85j is the 110 kDa transmembrane protein member also known as ILT2, LIR1, or LILRB1, and MIR7. CD85 molecules belong to a large immunoregulatory family, which has been clustered into subclasses from CD85a to CD85m in the 7th HLDA Workshop. CD85j has 4 Ig domains and contains ITIMs in its cytoplasmic tail, which provide inhibitory signals through SHP-1 recruitment. CD85 is found on subpopulations of NK cells and T lymphocytes. ILT2 can be activated by a diverse range of ligands including HLA-A and HLA-B molecules, some HLA-C and HLA-G molecules, and the human cytomegalovirus UL18 protein.

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    100 Tests


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