Anti-Human TSLP-R (1B4)-158Gd—100 Tests

TSLP-R, also known as the thymic stromal lymphopoietin protein receptor, cytokine receptor-like 2, CRL2 and IL-XR, is a type I membrane receptor that forms a functional heterodimeric complex with IL-7R to bind with TSLP. Functional TSLP-Rs are expressed by epithelial cells and a variety of hematopoietic cell types, including thymocytes, T cells, B cells, natural killer T cells, monocytes, macrophages, basophils and dendritic cells. TSLP mainly impacts myeloid cells and induces the release of T cell-attracting chemokines from monocytes and enhances the maturation of myeloid (CD11c+) dendritic cells.

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    100 Tests


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