Anti-Mouse TCRgd (GL3)-159Tb—100 Tests

γδ T cells are a minor population of T cells that express the TCR γδ chains. In the murine thymus, commitment to the γδ lineage occurs at the immature CD4− CD8− double-negative (DN) stage of thymocyte development. Early DN cells with potential to develop as either γδ or αβ T cells rearrange their T cell receptor-γ (TCR-γ), TCR-δ, and TCR-β loci in an attempt to generate a productive TCR γδ or pre-TCR (TCR-β paired with the invariant pre-TCR α chain), which compete to drive γδ or αβ T cell development, respectively. γδ T cells are present in the thymus, epidermis, epithelial lining of the intestine, peritoneal cavity, and lymphoid tissues.

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    100 Tests


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