Anti-Human CD130 (2E1B02)-160Gd—100 Tests

The 2E1B02 monoclonal antibody specifically binds to CD130, a 130 kDa type 1 membrane glycoprotein that belonging to the hematopoietic cytokine receptor superfamily. CD130 is also known as gp130 (glycoprotein 130), IL6ST (interleukin-6 signal transducer), and IL6RB/IL-6Rβ (interleukin-6 receptor beta). CD130 is a subunit associated with the receptors for a variety of cytokines including IL-6, IL-11, oncostatin M (OSM), CNTF (ciliary neurotrophic factor), CT-1, neuropoietin (NP), and IL-27. CD130 is widely expressed on a variety hematopoietic cell types including T cells, activated B cells, monocytes, and plasma cells and is also expressed on endothelia.

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    100 Tests


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