Anti-Mouse Nkp46 (29A1.4)-167Er—100 Tests

NKp46 (CD335) is an activating receptor containing 2 immunoglobulin-like domains. Within the bone marrow and blood, NKp46 is a unique marker of NK cells, allowing discrimination of NK cells and NKT cells. In the mouse gut NKp46 is expressed in RORC+IL-22+ innate immune cells. Monoclonal antibody-mediated cross-linking of NKp46 induces calcium mobilization, cytolytic activity, and release of IFNγ. Only one natural ligand, viral hemagglutinin, has been identified to date. However, NKp46 is postulated to have tumor ligands that can participate in tumor immunoediting. Mice deficient in NKp46 are unable to fight influenza infection, unable to control an experimental model of lymphoma, and partially protected from development of type I diabetes.

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    100 Tests


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