Maxpar® Human Immuno-Oncology IMC™ Panel Kit

The Maxpar® Human Immuno-Oncology IMC Panel Kit enables interrogation of the tumor microenvironment including activated tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and cancer cells in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections using 18-plex Imaging Mass Cytometry. This panel kit includes 17 antibodies and nucleic acid stain, and leaves 18 open detection channels.This panel kit is recommended for investigation of the spatial distribution of biomarker expression. The kit combines the Human Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes IMC Panel Kit, Maxpar Human Immune Activation IMC Panel Kit, and Maxpar Human Tissue Architecture IMC Panel Kit. This panel kit includes pre-sourced, pre-tagged, and verified antibodies.




CD20 H1 161Dy
CD3 Poly 170Er
CD4 EPR6855 156Gd
CD45RO UCHL1 173Yb
CD68 KP1 159Tb
CD8a C8/144B 162Dy
FoxP3 236A/E7 155Gd
Pan-keratin C11 148Nd
Granzyme B EPR20129-217 167Er
Ki-67 B56 168Er
PD-1 EPR4877(2) 165Ho
PD-L1 SP142 150Nd
alpha-smooth muscle actin 1A4 141Pr
Collagen type I Poly 169Tm
E-cadherin 24E10 158Gd
Histone H3 D1H2 171Yb
Vimentin D21H3 143Nd
Nucleic acid 191Ir/193Ir
  • Species:
  • Quantity:
    25 µg
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