Single-Cell Functional Biology

Superior reagents for your functional genomics studies

Power your studies of functional genomics on Polaris with reagents specifically designed for complex single-cell experiments. The Polaris Reagent Kit pairs with the Polaris system to support the core platform workflow: Select, dose and lyse cells using Polaris reagents and access downstream RNA sequencing capabilities with third-party reagents.

What's New

The Future is Functional Genomics

Polaris™ is the first system to seamlessly integrate cell and molecular biology at the single-cell level. Select and perturb individual cells with your defined factors in a controlled environment and perform RNA sequencing analysis on one precisely designed IFC.


What's New

Technical support



  1. Prime
  2. Transfer
  3. Load
  4. Dose
  5. Lyse
  6. Harvest


Prime the Polaris IFC with extracellular matrix and buffers to prepare it for sample transfer.


Pipet live cells in suspension and reagents into the IFC.


Insert the IFC into Polaris, which automatically images, selects and isolates individual cells according to your specifications.


Challenge selected cells with a variety of parameters and stains, if desired.


Lyse each cell to reverse-transcribe and amplify within the IFC.


Collect the product from the harvest output for library prep and sequencing.