Single-Cell mRNA Seq

Breakthroughs begin with discovering and characterizing novel cell types

In the quest to decipher complex biological processes, scientists must identify and characterize critical cell populations within complex tissues. Leading researchers increasingly use single-cell mRNA sequencing to perform these studies. Reflected in over 100 published studies, the breadth of C1™ applications empowers users to survey cell diversity, identify rare cell types and characterize cellular functions on one single-cell biology instrument platform. Investigate tissue heterogeneity with transcript end counting. Use T cell receptor sequencing and other full-length mRNA-seq protocols to recognize isoform- and receptor-specific expression. Beyond mRNA sequencing, the C1 also allows you to examine gene-specific and microRNA expression, perform epigenetic analysis and identify genomic variants. The C1 system delivers power and flexibility to support you all along your path to discovery.

What's New

The Single-Cell Analysis Technologist

Single-cell biology’s time has officially arrived. In 2015, the Burroughs Wellcome Fund awarded Charles Gawad with a Career Award for Medical Scientists. His laboratory’s use of single-cell analysis was instrumental in decoding the order of genetic events in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common childhood cancer.


Single-Cell mRNA Seq HT on the C1

With higher single-cell capture efficiency, the new medium-cell (10–17 µm) high-throughput IFC (PN 101-4981) provides industry-leading sensitivity with powerful control over experimental cost and data quality.

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Single-Cell Full-Length mRNA Sequencing

C1 Single-Cell mRNA Seq amplifies full-length transcripts from each individual cell using template switch chemistry. This approach resolves novel isoforms, identifies T cell clonotypes and enables deeper characterization of rare cell populations.

Single-Cell Transcript 3' End Counting by mRNA Sequencing

C1 mRNA Seq HT targets the 3' transcript terminus, detecting thousands of genes per cell on up to 800 cells per IFC.

Single-Cell Targeted mRNA Sequencing

Targeted mRNA Seq uses C1 mRNA Seq methodology and Access Array™ library preparation to target specific genes for sequencing.