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    How does this assay compare to competitor assays with regard to performance, cost and workflow, and what sets Fluidigm apart from the competition?

    The Advanta™ CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay was designed to offer the following benefits to the genomics lab: Time-saving: Achieve consistent results while reducing hands-on time through workflow automation on the Juno™ system. Cost-effective: Conserve precious reagents by performing nanoliter-scale reactions using microfluidics technology. Scalable: Sequence dozens to hundreds of barcoded samples in a single run at high read depth. These attributes differentiate Fluidigm from the competition. …

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    Creative Science: The Next Generation

    See how today’s young scientists are making a dramatic impact in STEM fields …

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    C1 x 10

    10 reasons C1 exceeds chromium …

  • article

    C1 x 10

    The power of ten …

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    Juno Wins IBO Gold Award for Industrial Design

    Instrument Business Outlook places the Juno genotyping system ‘in a class by itself’ …

  • Striking Balance in Throughput and Resolution

    Christophe Lancrin on revealing new transcription factors using C1 and Biomark …

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    C1 Script Hub

    Breakthrough single-cell applications, developed by and for the C1 community …

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