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    Neuroscience 2015

    Society for Neuroscience …

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    The only cellular disease-modeling instrument of its kind, Polaris advances research of cell behavior and response in cancer, immunology, immune-oncology and neuroscience. It’s a comprehensive system designed to isolate single cells, simulate environments and discern network signaling through whole transcriptome analysis. Polaris propels functional cell exploration, emboldening scientists to dive deeper into contextual biological processes. Browse our catalog of related publications to learn how Polaris empowers researchers across single-cell applications. …

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    Polaris Support

    Explore tutorials and publications, browse frequently asked questions, download technical documents, review training programs and service plans and locate the right IFCs, kits and reagents for your research. Still need help? Reach out to one of our support specialists. …

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    Seminar | Unraveling Human Microglial Heterogeneity

    Multiplexed Mass Cytometry Analysis of Human Microglia …

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    The Intercontinental Scientist

    What led Sebastian Rodriguez from Buenos Aires to Tokyo and ultimately Fluidigm …

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    SNP Trace Lab Smarts

    Andrew Brooks discusses RUCDR’s sample ID program …

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    Unraveling the Biology of Cancer

    Bernd Bodenmiller on revealing new insights into tumors with Imaging Mass Cytometry …

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    Mass Cytometry Bibliography 

    Publications featuring mass cytometry technology