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  • faq

    Which software version should I use for the Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay?

    Use Biomark™ Data Collection software (version 4.5.1 or higher), which supports use of the GE 24.192 IFC and enables you to select multiple assays (detectors) as reference for differential expression calculations. See the Real-Time PCR Analysis User Guide (PN 68000088) for more information. …

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    What is the software requirement for running Delta Gene assays?

    Fluidigm Real-Time PCR Analysis software version 3.0.2 or higher and Biomark Data Collection software version 3.1.2 or higher is required. …

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  • faq

    How should I perform data analysis for the Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay?

    Use the Real Time PCR Analysis software (version 4.5.1 or higher) to conduct primary data analysis. …

  • faq

    What analysis settings should be used for the Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay?

    Use Linear (Derivative) for baseline correction and User (Detectors) with Initialize with Auto for Ct Threshold Method. …

  • Software

    CyTOF Software

    CyTOF® Software v7.0 offers support for imaging and cell suspension-based sample analysis to Hyperion™ Imaging System and Helios™ system users. The software has the built-in capability to switch sample introduction modes, providing users the flexibility to configure hardware as required. …

  • general

    Juno Software

    The latest software for the Juno™ system. To install, follow the instructions in the Juno System User Guide (100-7070). …

  • CyTOF Software

    CyTOF® 6.7 system control software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for system control, and to provide continuous instrument feedback and diagnostic capabilities to users. This gives users the ability to troubleshoot quickly and effectively as well as to provide the highest quality of data output. …

  • resource

    Script Builder Software

    C1™ Script Builder™ allows you to create innovative single-cell applications to deeply explore cellular heterogeneity and the functional attributes of every cell population. Download the latest version of Script Builder here, then follow the instructions for installation. Note: Script Builder can be used without a license to design custom protocols. A license is required to transform custom protocols into scripts and install them on your C1 system.

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    FC1 Cycler Software

    The latest software for the FC1™ cycler. To install, follow the instructions in the Updating Software and Protocols section of the FC1 Cycler User Guide (PN 100-1279). …

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    C1 System Software

    The C1™ system supports DNA sequencing, mRNA sequencing, targeted gene expression, miRNA analysis and additional applications through the C1 Open App™ IFC (integrated fluidic circuit). Download the C1 system software update and then follow the instructions for updating the C1 system software.

  • general

    Biomark & EP1 Software

    The latest software for the Biomark™ HD, Biomark and EP1™ systems. Package includes software for data collection, real-time PCR analysis, genotyping, digital PCR and melting curve analysis. To install, follow the instructions in the Updating the Biomark/EP1 Software Quick Reference (PN 101-6793). …

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    CyTOF Software v7.0

    for Helios and Hyperion systems …

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    Callisto System Software

    The latest operating system upgrade for the Callisto™ system. To install, follow the instructions found in the Callisto System User Guide (in Chapter 3, see Update the System). …

  • Software

    CopyCount-CNV Software

    The cloud-based software analyzes raw fluorescence qPCR data from Biomark™ HD to determine absolute quantification and provide DNA copy number results. Applications include transgene copy number, event-sorting data analysis, and seed zygosity determination. Each license supports one year of use from the date of activation and may be ordered through your Fluidigm account representative. …

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    Singular Analysis Toolset Software

    An innovative, open-source solution for analyzing and visualizing data, the Singular™ Analysis Toolset offers powerful methods for identifying gene expression and mutation patterns at the single-cell level. Designed for use with Biomark™ and C1™ systems. …

  • faq

    How can I download the latest Juno instrument software?

    Download the latest version of the Juno™ software from our software page at fluidigm.com/software. Follow the directions in the Juno System User Guide (PN 100-7070) for installation. …