AccuLift Kits and Reagents


AccuLift LCM Release Slides

For Tissue Preparation

    Improve tissue recovery with each laser pulse, even for challenging samples including frozen and FFPE tissue sections. AccuLift™ LCM Release Slides are designed to reduce the attractive force between your tissue slide and your tissue. Unlike ordinary glass slides, which retain a strong attractive force for your tissue sample during microdissection, our proprietary slides are coated with an optically transparent, IR-reflective material that releases your tissue sample as it is microdissected.

    Product Quantity Product Number
    AccuLift LCM Release Slides 10 pack 10005

AccuLift LCM GeckoGrip Caps

For Cell Selection and Isolation

AccuLift LCM GeckoGrip™ Caps are designed to overcome the challenges of traditional LCM and compatible with all LCM, IR/UV LCM systems. Variation in tissue prevents the entire capturing surface of a traditional LCM cap from contacting the tissue surface. Instead, caps touch only the tissue mountains while failing to contact the valleys. This leads to poor recovery of the targeted tissue area. AccuLift LCM GeckoGrip Caps can accommodate the uneven tissue surface and reach into the valleys and crevasses on the tissue to overcome this challenge. Each AccuLift LCM GeckoGrip Cap has over 1,000 unique microscopic GeckoGrip feet per mm2 of cap surface to maximize tissue recovery.

Product Quantity Product Number
AccuLift LCM GeckoGrip Caps 1 10004

Kits and Reagents

AccuLift LCM Purification Kits

For Extraction

Purify nucleic acids from laser-microdissected tissue sections using AccuLift purification products that are specially designed to process very small amounts of starting material.

Product Quantity Product Number

AccuLift RNA Spin Column Micro Prep Kit

Easy, reliable and rapid isolation of DNA-free RNA from a wide range of cell (up to 106) and tissue samples (up to 5 mg) in about 10 minutes



AccuLift RNA Cleanup and Concentrator Kit

A simple and reliable method for the rapid preparation of up to 10 µg of high-quality RT-PCR-ready, DNA-free RNA in under 5 minutes



AccuLift Rapid RNA Extraction Kit for LCM

Fast, simple, single-tube system for preparing RNA for cDNA synthesis



AccuLift LCM Molecular Analysis Kits

For Amplification

Amplify nucleic acids using the AccuLift ultrasensitive technologies, which are designed for very small amounts of starting material.

Product Quantity Product Number

AccuLift First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

Amplifying mRNA for significantly improved qRT-PCR



AccuLift Ultra-sensitive RNA Amplification Kit for LCM

Amplifying mRNA [poly(A) RNA] directly from the cell lysates without the need for isolating total cellular RNA




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