Advanta RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay

Analyze over 380 gene fusion pairs with a flexible, automated NGS workflow


Powerful content 
Confidently interrogate over 380 gene fusion pairs covering more than 1,000 known breakpoints from both solid tumor and hematologic cancers.

High efficiency 
Maximize laboratory resources by minimizing hands-on time and costly reagent consumption with nanoliter-scale walkaway automation leveraging Fluidigm microfluidic technology.

Flexible workflow 
Streamline NGS library preparation of up to 6 unique assay panels generating actionable insights from both RNA and DNA variants in a single run on the Juno system.

Introducing the Advanta RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay

RNA fusion transcripts are an important class of somatic alterations because the resulting chimeric proteins can contribute to oncogene activation or tumor suppressor inactivation. Cancer researchers have a growing need to investigate fusion events, often from limited quantities of available samples. Adding to the challenge, researchers in academia and industry face increasing pressure to maximize laboratory efficiency by controlling costs and implementing automation to reduce hands-on and turnaround time, while ensuring consistent performance and high-quality results.

The Advanta™ RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay and the automated Juno™ system produce targeted amplicon-based libraries for subsequent analysis on Illumina® NGS platforms. The Advanta RNA Fusions panel is optimized to interrogate an extensive selection of high-value gene fusion pairs and requires as little as 10 ng of starting RNA material per run.

A key advantage of the Advanta RNA Fusions Assay as a component of the Juno workflow is the flexibility to simultaneously process up to six unique oncology panels in the same run. For example, if your study requires the analysis of DNA variant classes in addition to RNA fusion events, the Advanta Solid Tumor NGS Library Prep Assay or custom-designed panels can be easily co-processed in the same run on the Juno system, delivering maximal efficiency of time, resources and cost management for your laboratory.


Representative panel content

Cancer Type

Examples of Oncogenic Fusion Partners Covered by the Advanta RNA Fusions Assay

Breast BRAF, NOTCH1/2, NTRK3, RAF1
Leukemia ABL1, PBX1, RARA, RUNX1, RUNX1T1
Melanoma ALK, BRAF, NTRK1, RAF1, ROS1, RET

Table 1a. Representative selection of cancer types and examples of associated oncogenic fusion genes covered in the Advanta RNA Fusion NGS Library Prep Assay


Number of Fusion Partners


Number of Fusion Partners

ABL1 11 NTRK1 13
ALK 26 NTRK3 6
BRAF 29 RET 18
FGFR3 2 ROS1 17
KMT2A 48 RUNX1 15

Table 1b. Representative selection of highly referenced fusion driver genes and the associated number of fusion partners covered in the Advanta RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay

For a complete list of genes included in the Advanta RNA Fusions Assay as well as their specific partner genes and the number of amplicons covering the fusion pairs, click here

The Juno advantage

The Advanta RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay is optimized to run on the Juno system leveraging the LP 8.8.6 IFC, a microfluidic device approximately the same size and shape as a standard 96-well plate. Sample and assay mixes are dispensed into the IFC, which is then placed on the Juno system for processing. The Juno workflow greatly reduces pipetting steps, enabling walkaway automation by controlling the concurrent and precise pairing of each sample-assay combination within the IFC’s parallel, nanoliter-scale reaction chambers that support targeted amplification. When using the Advanta RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay, the Juno workflow can prepare NGS libraries for up to 48 samples in a single run with approximately 50% less hands-on time than other workflows at similar throughput. Enabling scalability of both sample throughput and content, the Juno automated library preparation workflow delivers cost-effective performance you can trust.

Relevant content in a flexible library prep workflow


Figure 1. Workflow for the Advanta RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay. Using the LP 8.8.6 IFC and the Juno system, you can configure the run to meet your operating requirements as they change. Choose to process all samples (up to 48) with one panel of assays, such as the Advanta RNA Fusions NGS Library Prep Assay. Alternatively, you can organize the 48 samples into 6 sets of 8 and simultaneously process each sample set using a different assay panel—all within the same IFC run.

LP 8.8.6 IFC, a unique integrated fluidic circuit enabling content flexibility

8.8.6 IFC

The LP 8.8.6 IFC is configured with 6 partitions, each processing 8 samples with 8 assay pools. The partitioned IFC design offers you flexibility when selecting panels to analyze for each run. For example, you may choose to analyze samples with the Advanta RNA Fusions panel exclusively, or choose to include the Advanta Solid Tumor panel in selected partitions. To create a custom panel of selected markers, access the D3™ assay design portal at

Advanta Solid Tumor NGS Library Prep Assay

In addition to fusion transcripts, researchers investigate somatic variant types associated with DNA to deepen their understanding of the mechanisms of cancer.

The Advanta Solid Tumor NGS Library Prep Assay is a comprehensive panel covering single-nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertions/deletions (indels) and copy number variants (CNVs) from 53 high-value genes. Similar to the Advanta RNA Fusions Assay, the Advanta Solid Tumor Assay is optimized for use with the LP 8.8.6 IFC on the Juno platform. Investigators may process all samples in a given run with the Advanta Solid Tumor Assay, or, taking advantage of the unique partitioning of the LP 8.8.6 IFC, selected samples may be processed simultaneously with the Advanta RNA Fusions Assay. The choice is yours, accommodating your specific research needs.

Learn more about the Advanta Solid Tumor Assay.

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