Advanta RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit

Transform your laboratory productivity with nanoscale automation


Walkaway automation Substantially reduce pipetting steps and operator interventions using an automated 48-sample workflow that includes solid-phase capture of poly(A) RNA.

Superior cost savings—Maximize your laboratory budget by minimizing consumption of reagents and consumables using microfluidic technology.

Robust chemistry—Confidently generate high-quality full-length stranded RNA-seq libraries from a variety of organisms.

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Automated nanoscale solution for RNA-seq libraries

RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) is the gold standard for hypothesis-free profiling of the transcriptome and is an essential tool for molecular biology laboratories. To keep pace with increasing sample demand, automated microfluidics-based library prep can advance transcriptomics by streamlining laboratory methods and substantially reducing associated costs.

Designed to drive significant improvement in the RNA-seq workflow, the Advanta™ RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit together with the Juno™ system delivers an integrated solution for automated, cost-efficient NGS library prep. The Juno system is easy to install and operate and, with the Advanta RNA-Seq reagents and 48.Atlas™ integrated fluidic circuit (IFC), supports simultaneous processing of up to 48 total RNA samples from eukaryotic organisms, generating libraries compatible with Illumina® sequencing instruments.



The Advanta RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit and Juno system advantage

Figure 1. Advanta RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit workflow on Juno. Samples and Advanta RNA-Seq reagents are added to the 48.Atlas IFC, which is subsequently processed on the Juno instrument.

The system solution automates many tedious, hands-on steps to generate full-length, stranded libraries from random priming of polyadenylated [poly(A)] RNA present in total RNA samples. The Advanta RNA-Seq Kit and Juno workflow improve upon alternative RNA-seq library prep workflows by providing true walkaway automation while reducing reagent, consumables, labor and instrument costs.



Advanta RNA-Seq workflow, 48.Atlas IFC and Juno enable significant efficiencies

The Advanta RNA-Seq Kit includes library preparation reagents, sample barcodes and the 48.Atlas IFC, a microfluidic device approximately the same size and shape as a standard 96-well plate. Sample and reagent mixes are dispensed into the IFC, which is then placed in the Juno system for automated processing of the majority of the workflow steps. Because processing on Juno requires no manual intervention and no pipetting, the solution greatly reduces hands-on time as well as consumables cost and plastic waste. Nanoscale reaction volumes within the IFC significantly reduce reagent consumption for further meaningful cost savings.

48.Atlas IFC format enables walkaway automation

Figure 2. The 48.Atlas IFC architecture automates multiple workflow steps otherwise performed manually, including poly(A) RNA capture, RNA fragmentation, reverse-transcription, sample-barcode PCR and multiple wash steps.

Workflow comparison

Figure 3. Example comparing hands-on and total time requirements for two RNA-seq workflows. Based on their respective protocols, the Advanta RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit and TruSeq® Stranded mRNA Library Prep Kit (Illumina) are compared for processing 48 samples per batch. The Advanta RNA-Seq workflow using the 48.Atlas IFC with Juno system automation enables greater than 70% hands-on time savings relative to the alternative TruSeq workflow.


Summary of performance results generated from analytical validation testing.

Table 1. Performance characteristics of the Advanta RNA-Seq Kit on Juno were assessed in an analytical validation study. The study was conducted using 3 Advanta reagent lots and 3 48.Atlas IFC lots across 6 Juno instruments by 3 different operators. Samples were Universal Human Reference RNA (UHRR; Agilent®) and human adult brain RNA (Brain; BioChain®). In total, more than 900 samples were sequenced comprising ~5 billion reads.

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