Barcoding Benefits

Boost your mass cytometry research on any CyTOF system

Mass cytometry has opened new doors to discovery by giving researchers the power to interrogate more than 40 parameters simultaneously on millions of cells, unveiling new cell types and functions. With the launch of the Cell-IDâ„¢ 20-Plex Pd Barcoding Kit, scientists can now vastly expand their throughput and get more robust data to reveal subtle phenotypes.

The kit enables barcoding of up to 20 samples, which are then stained and acquired as a single multiplexed sample. Perform your experiments with all the samples, time points and conditions you need to enable comprehensive cellular profiling.


  • Throughput: Reduces processing time throughout the entire experimental workflow
  • Data quality: Eliminates sample-to-sample variation introduced when samples are stained and collected individually, and discriminates cross-sample doublets by filtering out events with more than three Pd isotopes
  • Sample conservation: Enables efficient use of precious samples by allowing you to combine multiple samples in one tube
  • Accessibility: Uses isotopes that are compatible with existing panel designs and and can be used on all CyTOF systems, including Helios, which features a new sample introduction system that's ideal for barcoded samples

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