C1 x 10

10 reasons C1 exceeds chromium

What does C1 do that the competition can't?

With C1 you can retain 90% more data than with what the competition offers, while also enjoying lower costs and time-saving benefits. See how C1 stacks up.

  1. With C1™, doublet rates remain stable rather than rising with the number of cells processed.
  2. With C1, you can image cells to verify single-cell status.
  3. C1 provides 10 methods of mRNA sequencing. Chromium™ processes only one.
  4. C1 processes multimodal applications.
  5. With C1, users can customize applications on the fly.
  6. C1 provides high sensitivity and in-depth cellular data in solid-state microfluidics.
  7. With C1, solid-state microfluidics can be used for cell characterization studies required for cell atlas verification.
  8. Mislabeled sequencing reads from barcode swapping do not impact mid-throughput studies on C1 for next-generation sequencing applications.
  9. C1 does not restrict you to using Fluidigm chemistry and consumables, whereas Chromium users must use only 10x Genomics® chemistry and consumables.
  10. With C1, you can correlate cellular phenotype to molecular readout.

C1 = 10 x smarter

Multiply multi-omic breakthroughs

Fluidigm Products are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.