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10 applications you can use on C1

What can you do with C1?

Customize your applications at C1 Script Hub.

Here are our top ten applications to use on C1, but the possibilities are endless. Working with other systems, the C1 is the perfect companion to perform targeted expression or to bridge single-cell omics. What can you do?

  1. Image single cells with any inverted microscope before processing on C1™.
  2. Perform C1 targeted expression with the Biomark™ HD system.
  3. Do C1 next-generation sequencing with Illumina® sequencing platforms.
  4. Use C1 for isoform analysis with Pacific Biosciences® sequencing platforms.
  5. Achieve C1 targeted mRNA and DNA sequencing using the Juno™ library preparation system.
  6. Bridge single-cell omics with C1 and single-cell functional analysis using Polaris™.
  7. Connect single-cell expression analysis with single-cell proteomics analysis using Helios™, a CyTOF® system.
  8. Extend single-cell omics with contextual analysis using the Hyperion™ Imaging System.
  9. Create custom applications for single-cell omics and multi-omics with C1 and C1 Script Builder™.
  10. Join the largest single-cell community online at C1 Script Hub™.

Fluidigm Products are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.