Sample multiplexing for human leukocytes

With live-cell barcoding for CyTOF®

Scale up translational and clinical studies by barcoding 35 or more samples.

For customized multiplexing capability, live-cell barcoding is a flexible option that lets you vastly increase your multiplexing power to 35 samples or more. 

Live-cell barcoding labels human white blood cell samples with anti-CD45 (a pan-leukocyte marker) antibodies selected from our catalog.

Choose from 12 metal-labeled anti-CD45 antibodies, including 4 new platinum tags, for greater flexibility to integrate barcoding with your panels and scale-up experiments.

Sample Multiplexing for Cytometry Studies | Webinar by Roberto Spada, PhD

In this recording you will learn:
  • Why barcoding is advantageous to large cytometry studies
  • The products offered by Fluidigm for two barcoding approaches
  • Choosing the right barcoding method for your research needs
  • How to scale beyond 35-plex barcoding

Benefits of live-cell barcoding

Fixation-independent Fixation-independent: Cell fixation and permeabilization steps not required, so fixative-sensitive epitopes are preserved

Accessibility Accessibility: Uses isotopes and workflows that are compatible with existing panel designs

Throughput Throughput: Reduces processing time throughout the entire experimental workflow by multiplexing up to 35 samples
Reduced variability Reduced variability: Eliminates sample-to-sample variation introduced when samples are stained and collected individually

Data quality Data quality: Increases the number of useful single-cell events by filtering out debris and other cellular artifacts

Sample conservation Sample conservation: Enables efficient use of precious samples by allowing you to combine multiple samples in one tube


Order CD45 antibodies for 35-plus plex barcoding in your next experiment.

» Newly added to the catalog!

Catalog Number Antibody (clone) Isotope
3089003B CD45 (HI30) 89Y
3106001B CD45 (HI30) 106Cd
3110001B CD45 (HI30) 110Cd
3111001B CD45 (HI30) 111Cd
3112001B CD45 (HI30) 112Cd
3113001B CD45 (HI30) 113Cd
3114001B CD45 (HI30) 114Cd
3116001B CD45 (HI30) 116Cd
»  3194001B CD45 (HI30) 194Pt
»  3195001B CD45 (HI30) 195Pt
»  3196001B CD45 (HI30) 196Pt
»  3198001B CD45 (HI30) 198Pt

Example custom barcoding design. A 50-plus-plex design using an 11-choose-3 live-cell barcoding scheme combining CD45 antibodies conjugated with cadmium (106, 110–114, 116) and platinum (194–196, 198).

* Products are listed in 100-test format. For 25-test format, search through catalog for “C” version of the listed catalog numbers.


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