Live-cell barcoding of human leukocytes

With cadmium-labeled CD45 antibodies

Uniquely CyTOF: Sample multiplexing for improved workflows

Give a boost to your experimental throughput and reduce your sample preparation time with a live-cell barcoding* approach to sample multiplexing.

Live-cell barcoding enables labeling of human white blood cell samples with a unique 3-digit isotope code, using cadmium-labeled anti-CD45 (a pan-leukocyte marker) antibodies.

Up to 35 samples can be multiplexed for staining and acquisition in a single tube, eliminating sample-to-sample variation for improved data consistency and quality.

*Live-cell barcoding with cadmium-labeled CD45 antibodies is intended for use in suspension mass cytometry only.

Webinar |Live-Cell Barcoding with Cd-CD45 Antibodies

Presenter: Michelle Poulin, PhD, Manager, Proteomics Field Applications, Fluidigm

Figure 1
Figure 1. Standard workflow for live-cell barcoding. Each sample is barcoded with a unique 3-digit isotope code, combined with other samples for staining and acquisition on Helios, a CyTOF® system, then debarcoded with open source software.

Live-cell barcoding advantages

  • Fixation-independent: Cell fixation and permeabilization steps not required, so fixative-sensitive epitopes are preserved
  • Accessibility: Uses isotopes and workflows that are compatible with existing panel designs
  • Throughput: Reduces processing time throughout the entire experimental workflow by multiplexing up to 35 samples
  • Reduced variability: Eliminates sample-to-sample variation introduced when samples are stained and collected individually
  • Data quality: Increases number of useful single-cell events by filtering out debris and other cellular artifacts
  • Sample conservation: Enables efficient use of precious samples by allowing you to combine multiple samples in one tube
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Order 7 cadmium-labeled CD45 antibodies for 35-plex barcoding in your next experiment.

Conjugated Antibody

Product Name Part Number
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-106Cd—100 Tests 3106001B
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-106Cd—25 Tests 3106001C
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-110Cd—100 Tests 3110001B
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-110Cd—25 Tests 3110001C
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-111Cd—100 Tests 3111001B
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-111Cd—25 Tests 3111001C
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-112Cd—100 Tests 3112001B
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-112Cd—25 Tests 3112001C
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-113Cd—100 Tests 3113001B
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-113Cd—25 Tests 3113001C
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-114Cd—100 Tests 3114001B
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-114Cd—25 Tests 3114001C
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-116Cd—100 Tests 3116001B
Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-116Cd—25 Tests 3116001C

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.