How Barcoding Works

The advantages of a simple, elegant workflow in an all-inclusive kit

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The Cell-ID™ 20-Plex Pd Barcoding Kit enables barcoding of up to 20 samples, which are then stained and acquired as a single multiplexed sample. The kit contains all the necessary reagents, and the protocol can be combined with all previous CyTOF® workflows. 



Component Volume
3 sets of 20 barcodes in PCR tubes 10 µL each tube
Maxpar® 5X Fix I Buffer 15 mL
Maxpar Cell Staining Buffer 500 mL
Maxpar 10X Barcode Perm Buffer 50 mL
Maxpar PBS 500 mL

Technical Support

See our product spec sheet and user guide for technical details. For additional technical support, visit to download user guides, protocols and more. 


Read more about barcoding for CyTOF systems in these publications.

Behbehani, G.K., Thom, C., Zunder, E.R. et al. "Transient partial permeabilization with saponin enables cellular barcoding prior to surface marker staining." Cytometry 85 (2014): 1011–1019.

Zunder, E.R., Finck, R., Behbehani, G.K. et al. "Palladium-based mass tag cell barcoding with a doublet-filtering scheme and single-cell deconvolution algorithm." Nature Protocols 10 (2015): 316–333.

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