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Custom-made, lab-tested solutions to move high-multiplex research forward faster

Lab-tested Imaging Mass Cytometry solutions to advance your research

Faster access speeds insights

Fast-paced research depends on access to innovative solutions to reach your scientific goals. Innovative Solutions accelerate the pace of research through a menu of Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™) reagents and workflow solutions developed and thoroughly tested by Therapeutic Insights Services scientists. These solutions provide translational and clinical researchers with faster access to cutting-edge solutions to support high-multiplex single-cell analysis.

Innovative Solutions:

  • Have undergone rigorous functional testing
  • Are accompanied by documentation and protocols
  • Are supported through our Field Application Scientist and Therapeutic Insights Service teams

Don’t build your own or go without! Use these tested solutions so you can get therapeutic insights to innovate, publish and move your research forward.

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The first Innovative Solution—the IMC Cell Segmentation Kit

The IMC Cell Segmentation Kit* facilitates an end-to-end workflow for single-cell data analytics IMC. The kit contains three individual plasma membrane markers conjugated to 195Pt, 196Pt and 198Pt. These markers can be added to existing panels for improved nucleus and plasma membrane demarcation, enabling cell segmentation across multiple tissue types without taking channels away from your current panel.

With a new recommendation of a data analysis pipeline that includes ilastik software for pixel classification and for identifying cell boundaries, an end-to-end solution for single-cell data analysis is now available.

More details are available on the information sheet and FAQ document. The IMC Cell Segmentation Kit is available as a Therapeutic Insights Innovative Solution and is not part of the Maxpar® catalog.

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*Innovative Solutions are a menu of custom-made reagents and workflows developed and tested by Fluidigm scientists to give faster access to new cutting-edge solutions for high-multiplex single-cell analysis. Innovative Solutions are not part of the Maxpar catalog.

Yes, please have a sales representative contact me with information or a quote for the IMC Cell Segmentation Kit.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.