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Mass cytometry, powered by CyTOF® technology , is the world’s most advanced single-cell proteomics technology. It has opened new doors to discovery by empowering researchers to interrogate more than 50 markers simultaneously on millions of individual cells, to unveil new cell types, functions and biomarkers in immunology, cancer, stem cells and more.

Fluidigm Maxpar® reagents and protocols along with our Maxpar Panel Designer tool provide all you need for groundbreaking and cost-effective experiments that reveal systems-level biology at single-cell resolution.

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We have reimagined mass cytometry

We’ve reimagined mass cytometry

CyTOF XT™ provides all the empowering capabilities of mass cytometry at a lower cost of ownership and with higher sample throughput than previous CyTOF systems.

Combining automation, flexibility and a streamlined design, CyTOF XT provides what you need to ignite insight and accelerate translational, clinical and discovery research.

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Sample Types

Current CyTOF systems, including the latest mass cytometer, Helios™, provide high-parametric data on individual cells prepared in liquid suspension. Standard protocols for preparing single-cell suspensions from tissue culture and solid and liquid tissues as well as tumors can be used for CyTOF sample prep. Sample size can vary from thousands to millions of cells.

Metal-Tagged Reagents

Cellular targets in liquid suspension can be labeled with more than 50 metal-tagged reagents, including antibodies, nucleic acid intercalators and analogs, as well as other biochemical ligands. Each reagent is detected and quantified with cytometry by time-of-flight mass spectrometry in the CyTOF system. The high purity and choice of metal isotopes ensure minimal background noise from signal overlap or endogenous cellular components. Our catalog is stocked with over 800 antibodies detecting more than 400 unique human or mouse targets. If a desired antibody is not yet present in our catalog, you can make it yourself using our metal-labeling kits or custom order biologically validated material using our custom conjugation services.

Cell Profiling

Targets can be anywhere in the cell, including the surface, cytoplasm, nucleus or internal organelles. Complete profiling allows CyTOF researchers to investigate a range of applications, including

Phosphoprotein detection can be used to map the signaling profile of samples, and optimized protocols and detailed technical assistance are available for any combination of targets.

Sample Barcoding

Sample barcoding is a powerful tool offering increased throughput, improved protocol consistency and enhanced data quality. Barcoding also enables efficient use of small precious samples through multiplexing and may provide cost savings through reduced consumption of reagents. Two approaches are available for CyTOF:


Helios, a CyTOF system

Deeply profile cell phenotypes and functional states using CyTOF technology, all in a single tube.

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Maxpar Metal-Conjugated Antibodies

The Maxpar catalog features more than 800 metal-labeled antibodies and continues to grow. The broad selection significantly expands possibilities for discovery and monitoring on Fluidigm mass cytometry systems. Design your own custom panel to analyze immunity, cancer progression, cancer immunotherapy or other disease research targets.

Primary Antibodies
Secondary Antibodies


With Cell-ID products, discriminate single-nucleated, live, dead or proliferating cells in your samples.


Maxpar Panel Kits

Simplify your study and save time by using preconfigured screening panels for comprehensive phenotyping and probing functionality of defined cell populations. Each predesigned panel is optimized with proven cellular markers and high-performing antibody combinations to maximize performance.


Maxpar Direct Assays

The Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™ with Maxpar Pathsetter™ software is the first complete sample-to-answer solution for high-dimensional immune profiling of human PBMC and whole blood.

Expand the 30-marker backbone of the assay with Maxpar Direct Expansion Panels to get even deeper profiling of specific immune cell subsets.


Maxpar Metal-Labeling Kits

With Maxpar metal-labeling kits you can tag IgG clones with your choice of up to 42 metals. Order them individually or as sets, with each kit containing enough material to conjugate 4–40 antibodies in 100 µg amounts.


Buffers and Solutions

Maxpar buffers provide optimal and consistent staining conditions for external, cytosolic and nuclear targets, while calibration beads enhance data quality and support intersample analysis.


Custom Panels

Optimize your panel using the web-based Maxpar Panel Designer app, an online tool for building panels with Fluidigm metal-conjugated antibodies or custom conjugates. Panel Designer calculates signal overlap and utilizes a specialized algorithm to adjust metal-tagged targets to maximize performance. Export and share panels with collaborators or save for future import into our CyTOF systems.


Custom Antibody Conjugation

When your study calls for new antibodies or specific antibody configurations, consult our team of experts for custom conjugation services to tailor your antibody panels for collecting high-impact data. Our custom conjugation services speed you from design to discovery with made-to-order metal labeling for antibodies not currently listed in the Maxpar catalog, or alternative metal tagging for all listed items. Choose from 42 non-overlapping pure metal tags.


Parts and Accessories

Find air filters, O-rings, torch assemblies, vacuum pump oil and more in our online catalog. It’s your digital source for replacement parts and product refills for all CyTOF systems.


Therapeutic Insights Services

Learn how our expert consultants can work with you to tailor and execute a sample-to-answer project designed for your specific needs for single-cell mass cytometry or Imaging Mass Cytometry™ data.




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