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New Maxpar antibodies for immune studies


Expand custom and Fluidigm panels, including the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay.

Save time on panel design and workflow with preconjugated antibodies.

Get deeper profiling of immune cell populations with functional analysis.


New antibodies for CyTOF for translational and clinical research

See a more complete picture of the immune system by expanding your immune profiling panels with verified Maxpar® metal-conjugated antibodies that analyze immune regulation and cell status.

We have added 12 new anti-human metal-tagged antibodies to our catalog to give you increased flexibility to customize your CyTOF® mass cytometry panel for your unique applications.

Add these antibodies to a basic immunophenotyping panel to study:

  • Immune cell activation and inhibition status
  • Apoptosis and cell death
  • Immune checkpoint receptor expression
  • Tumor-mediated immune suppression

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Combine antibodies with the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay

The Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™ is a 30-marker antibody panel kit for high-dimensional profiling of human PBMC and whole blood.

The 12 new Maxpar antibodies are designed to fit into open channels, leaving 7 cadmium isotope channels available for even deeper profiling with custom antibodies (Figure 1).

The addition of custom markers to the immune profiling assay provides an even broader and more detailed profile of the 37 immune cell populations identified by the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling System.

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Figure 1. The 30 antibody markers (orange) and associated metal labels (gray) in the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay, with options to add up to 7 new immune checkpoint markers (green).
The remaining open channels (white) are 106Cd, 110Cd, 111Cd, 112Cd, 113Cd, 114Cd and 116Cd. For a full list of antibodies, clones and metals in the panel, refer to the product information sheet (PRD036).

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Select the antibodies you need for immuno-oncology and immune regulation studies from the Maxpar catalog of more than 600 metal-labeled antibodies.


Target Clone Tag Format Catalog #
CD279/PD-1 EH12.2H7 155Gd 100 tests 3155009B
CD279/PD-1 EH12.2H7 165Ho 100 tests 3165042B
CD279/PD-1 EH12.2H7 174Yb 100 tests 3174020B
CD279/PD-1 EH12.2H7 175Lu 100 tests 3175008B
CD274/PD-L1 29E.2A3 148Nd 100 tests 3148017B
CD274/PD-L1 29E.2A3 156Gd 100 tests 3156026B
CD274/PD-L1 29E.2A3 159Tb 100 tests 3159029B
CD274/PD-L1 MIH1 169Tm 100 tests 3169029B
CD274/PD-L1 29E.2A3 175Lu 100 tests 3175017B
CD274/PD-L1 MIH1 209Bi 100 tests 3209014B
CD366/Tim-3 F38-2E2 153Eu 100 tests 3153008B
CD366/Tim-3 F38-2E2 154Sm 100 tests 3154010B
CD366/Tim-3 F38-2E2 159Tb 100 tests 3159037B
CD366/Tim-3 F38-2E2 169Tm 100 tests 3169028B
TIGIT MBSA43 153Eu 100 tests 3153019B
TIGIT MBSA43 154Sm 100 tests 3154016B
TIGIT MBSA43 159Tb 100 tests 3159038B
TIGIT MBSA43 209Bi 100 tests 3209013B
CD278/ICOS C398.4A 169Tm 100 tests 3169030B
CD278/ICOS C398.4A 175Lu 100 tests 3175039B
CD134/OX40 ACT35 142Nd 100 tests 3142018B
CD134/OX40 ACT35 150Nd 100 tests 3150023B
CD134/OX40 ACT35 158Gd 100 tests 3158012B
CD95/Fas DX2 152Sm 100 tests 3152017B
CD95/Fas DX2 162Dy 100 tests 3162038B
CD95/Fas DX2 164Dy 100 tests 3164008B
CD137/4-1BB 4B4-1 158Gd 100 tests 3158013B
CD137/4-1BB 4B4-1 173Yb 100 tests 3173015B
CD137/4-1BB 4B4-1 209Bi 100 tests 3209015B
CD137L/4-1BBL 5F4 158Gd 100 tests 3158022B
CD223/LAG-3 11C3C65 150Nd 100 tests 3150030B
CD223/LAG-3 11C3C65 1165Ho 100 tests 3165037B

*To order in 25-test format, change catalog number from B to C.

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